Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Caught Up!...Again...

Since I haven't updated this since January I will do a quick photo shoot to catch up the year...in no particular order (I'm too lazy to put them in order. Yes, it's pathetic.).

We went on a short hike - it was muddier than expected - but Mary loved it and still talks about it. You can start to see my belly.

Mary turned 3!!! She is so fun at this age, I love it!!!

She took a ballet class and was in heaven! We think we might put her in it again.

Jake's grandparents are in town for Jared's graduation so we took them to Garden of the God's this last weekend and had a great time!!! Now you can see how huge my belly is at 39 weeks!

Mary loved Easter...especially the Easter egg hunts. She loved finding all the candy. And Jake found the special golden egg with money inside!!! Thanks King family!

We went to the zoo and rode on the train! Mary loves the train and carousel. 

We randomly went to downtown Denver and stumbled across the Cinco de Mayo celebration. It was lots of fun!

Just chillin in the car.

FHE ice cream, there's nothing better!

First fire of the season, so fun!

Jake keeps trying to teach Mary to play baseball. She's doing pretty good.

Feeding fish is a great way to pass the time!

We went to a splash park yesterday and now Mary wants to go EVERY day!!! I love my little-big girl!
Well that's us so far. Hopefully next time I post there will be another addition to our little family!


Unknown said...

you know...the only time i can find to update the blog is on my days off. so on those days, people can expect 3-4 posts! oh well.

put us on your list of people to txt when you have baby :)

Rachel K said...

Look at your cute belly! When is your baby due??