Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowboarding = Migraines

So, up to this point in my life I have never been able to go snowboarding. But lucky for me my job requires that I actually learn how to ski and snowboard. So in the last couple of weeks I have gone skiing once (and did pretty well) and snowboarding twice (and did okay). Well, every time I go snowboarding I go home with a migraine. I feel it is very rude of the mountain to send me home, every time I go play on it, with a migraine. I try so hard to play nice and be good to the mountain and every time I go home with a migraine. I am sure it has nothing to do with my snowboarding abilities. I mean it is natural to fall when you are first learning how to snowboard, but I don't believe it is natural to get a migraine after each time. So, I concluded, it must be the mountain being rude to me and not my snowboarding skills.
The End!

(In case anyone is wondering, no this is not me...per se.)

Top of the A reunion!

This last week I went out to dinner with some old roommates (or almost roommates). It was so much fun seeing everyone. I hadn't seen Ashlee (far right) for about 5 years!!! It was great catching up with her and everyone else. My roommates were the coolest ever!!! I still remember that ridiculous fort someone made...and George, who can ever forget George.

One of the best things about the holidays is the food! We had so much pie this year, it was great. We had enough pie for everyone to have half a pie. I had a sliver of pumpkin pie and the rest was French Silk Pie. It was DELICIOUS!!! I loved every moment of it...

And so did my Grandma...ha ha ha!

She would not let anyone eat her peacan pie. (They had to sneak it when she left the table!)

I guess one of the other great things about the holidays is family. Aren't my cousin and sis so cute as the pose for the picture! (Not to mention my nephew in the background.)