Thursday, January 23, 2014


Mary has been really funny ever since we've had our Christmas decorations up. She keeps saying, "Thank you for Christmas!" and then she'll run over and give us big hugs and kisses. She loves all the decorations and "Santa lights" she sees when we drive around. It's so fun to see her get so excited. 

We've never had a topper on our Christmas tree and I've always wanted one, but haven't been able to find a star that I really like. Well, this year I got a band saw for Christmas and decided to make a star. So, Mary helped my paint it white and had a great time doing it! I think it turned out pretty good.

 She loves her horse that she got last Christmas. She's very sweet with it and takes good care of it. One day I couldn't see or hear Mary - which is usually pretty scary - but when I found her she was kneeling next to her horse petting it and talking quietly to him. It was a very sweet. Then she gave his a kiss and moved on to her next toy. She is a very sweet little girl.
 For Christmas my parents made Mary a doll bed. We thought she was old enough and with the little sibling on it's way it might be fun for her to have. She promptly took the babies clothes off and put her back in bed. For those of you who don't know, Mary refuses to wear pajamas of any kind. She thinks she will be warmer without them. So, I'm sure she was thinking the baby would be the same. I kept trying to put the clothes back on, but she would just take them off again. She sleeps with that doll bed next to her bed every night and we're never sure which of her "friends" will be sleeping in it.

These are my new boots that I got for Christmas. I'm really excited about them and think they're awesome! They are REALLY warm!

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