Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Miss Mary turned 2 this last week! Crazy!!! Here are some highlights from her birthday! We went over to the Beckstead's and had dinner and fun!

She liked the star decorations that we put up for her birthday.

She got a shopping cart and a little car from my parents. She LOVES dumping all the food out and running around with it.

Pizza is one of her favorite foods so she got to eat that for lunch! YAY!
She had lots of fun opening presents. And she loved the princess bag it came in.

I made cookie monster and Elmo cupcakes for her birthday. She thought they were very fun.

She's trying so hard to blowout the candle...

Look at that determined face....Good thing daddy was there to help!

Time to EAT!!!!!!!!!

She liked the icing the best!

Lots of blue kisses to go around!

She had her two year Dr check-up this week too and is doing awesome! She's now in the 75% for height and still in the 45% for weight. She's our tall skinny girl!

We LOVE having Mary in our little family! She is so fun and silly!!! We feel very blessed that she is growing and developing well. She's been talking and learning so many things. She gets into EVERYTHING, but it can be pretty hard to get upset at her. We love her so much! We can't wait to see what she'll do next!