Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mary, Mary and more Mary

I know you're all surprised to have a blog about Mary...not. She's much more exciting than the rest of us. And a lot cuter! Mary just had her 18 month check up and is doing great! She had a growth spirt and is now in the 75% for height (she use to be in the 40-50%). Weight and head size are still in the 40-50%. She developing perfectly and we have no concerns for her, YAY!!! She got three shots this last appointment, poor girl! But she took them like a pro and didn't cry very much, I love my tough girl!

Mary is now 18 months old and has been able to go to nursery for the past three weeks and she LOVES it!!! After Sacrament meeting the second week she was pulling at my finger to take her to nursery. As soon as those doors open she runs to the toys and ignores us, it's so great! This was a pictures of her first week of nursery!

We went to Estes Park a few weeks ago with the Becksteads. This is Mary just taking in the sun (we took the top off the Jeep. She's so funny!

We saw the Wienermobile while we were there. Jake was very excited and had me take a picture.

We took the tram to the top of a mountain and walked around. I thought it was cute how Mary was holding her Dad's and Grandpa's hands.

She LOVES it when we pull her into the air, just like any other kid.

On the tram she held the leather straps on the way up and down because she saw others do it. See that serious face?? She's so much fun!!!

Mary got to sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was our anniversary and they generously took her for us. Although, from the picture, I think she had more fun there than she does here.

For Mom Beckstead's birthday dinner we all went out to a Hibachi Grill. It was really fun! Mary and I had never been to one. She got scared sometimes, but most of the time was great!

She is watching very intently while the guy was cooking. It was very cute.

One of Mary's favorite games is to hide from us in the closet. She's hilarious. She'll go in there whether the light is on or not and wait for us to find her. If we don't come fast enough she'll yell for us or come out and find us and then run back in. She thinks it's a great game!

This picture is a little grainy, but I thought it was cute. Mary likes to snuggle under blankets with us, it's very sweet because it is one of the few times she holds still.

This is right after she had a shower. I wrapped her up and she just stood there for about five minutes. It was so funny. 

Yesterday Mary and I went to a park that has big round seat swings. They're really cool. So we laid down on them for about 5-10 minutes and just enjoyed swinging and watching the airplanes. She is VERY good at finding airplanes, which Jake absolutely LOVES!

After the park we went and got water at Sonic. This is how Mary decided to drink her water. She's so funny! Worked great for me because she didn't spill as much!

A little update on Jake - he has moved into his own office at work, which he is super excited about!!! He use to be in an office with 2-3 other people and it was loud and had no door. Now he has his own, with a window and door. It's the little things in life that make us happy, right? 

That's about it for the updates, nothing super exciting, but we like it that way! Hope you all have a great day!!!