Friday, February 12, 2010

"School Thy Feelings, Oh My Brother"

As I sit here on Friday night with my husband I felt like blogging. This does not come along very often so I decided to take advantage of it...As I was reading one of the talks I am suppose to teach on in a few Sundays I was impressed by the message. It was a General Conference talk by President Monson. The talk was title "School Thy Feelings, Oh My Brother". It was a Priesthood Session talk and it was really good! It was all about controlling our feelings, especially anger. President Monson had a way of putting things that really struck home for me. I tend to get upset over little things and I really shouldn't. In the talk he use some examples that were heart-wrenching. One of the examples started out with a happily married couple and because of an argument ended up with their child getting brain damage and being disabled for the rest of his life. It was such a sad story to me that they made their child have brain damage because of an argument. How devastating! There were other great examples that I won't ruin by telling you them. All I have to say is that it's an amazing talk and everyone should read it or listen to it! One of the funnier parts of reading this talk is I happened to be in a doctors office where I had been waiting for an hour to be seen and then they came out and told me I had to come back. Yeah, if I hadn't just read an article by the Prophet I might have gotten upset, but I felt I couldn't after that. Anyway, there is my ramblings. Have a great day and don't get mad!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Okay, it has been FOREVER since I have written in this blog. I'm going to update it without pictures....sorry. I'm too lazy to find the pictures and put them up. So here goes....

NOVEMBER: Jake had his birthday! It was fun, we had friends over and ate cake. The cake was amazing, I do have to say (since I made it). He got some great birthday presents. His favorite present was a got a job on his birthday. I was applying to work as a staff member at a developmental disability center and ended up getting offered a position as a Developmental Specialist (DS). I work with people (primarily kids) with mental disabilities. I do all the paperwork. I write their goals, do reviews, staff training, coordinate with other agencies...stuff like that. I like it a lot. The people I work with are great! And the kids are really fun - for the most part. It's very different from Rec Therapy, but it's definitely a growing experience.

Thanksgiving we went to Jake's grandparents in Bountiful. It was different than what I was use to - it wasn't loud and crazy. It was really nice having a more subdued Thanksgiving. The food was great!!! After that we did some black Friday shopping and headed down to my family in the Provo area. It was great getting to see them too.

DECEMBER: For me I just worked. I was lucky enough to get the week after Christmas off. Due to working on Christmas Eve Jake and I stayed in Rexburg for Christmas. It was a nice quiet Christmas. Jake says I woke him up early, but 7:30 isn't early on Christmas. We had gone and cut down a tree and got some cheap decorations. It was really fun! We received awesome gifts and had fun getting gifts for each other. I got a sore throat on Christmas and the day after went to the doctor for some antibiotics. After Christmas we headed down to Ogden where we met with Jake's family and went snowboarding/skiing for a couple of days. SO MUCH FUN!!! We were exhausted after wards, but it was worth it. Hanging out with the family was amazing!!!

JANUARY: We went down to Orem and stayed at my parents for New Years. New Years Eve I decided to get sick, again (something different this time) and so we stayed at my parents and they went to my sisters to do a little celebrating. Luckily, I was much better the next day and saw my family then. We had an amazing Mexican dinner.

Jake started his first semester on fast-grad. That means he is going to school year round to finish up faster. He will, hopefully, be done with classes in April 2011. YAY! I went back to work...yay... At work we are getting ready for an audit, so needless to say it's been a little crazy!!! Jake and I both have church callings - he is the Institute Rep and I teach in Relief Society. I'm a little nervous about it, but I think it will be good for me.

FEBRUARY: Okay, we are now caught up. I am still working and Jake is still working hard with school. One exciting thing for him is he is getting trained to help move in the LDS Temples around the world. He returned about a week ago from the one in Vancouver Canada and might go back to finish up soon. He also might be going to the Philippines and Ukraine this year to work on those temples too. I'm so jealous of all his traveling and wish I could go with him!!! My biggest news this month is I got sick, again, this time with a kidney infection...painful and no fun! But I get to drink lots of cranberry juice and I like that - ha ha ha! I have to go back into the doctor this week and they will probably diagnose me with viral asthma...we'll see. At work I was just recently asked to do trainings for all the DSs on how to teach and train staff. I don't know what the manager was thinking asking me, but it will be fun - I think. Well, I think that is all for us now. I will try to update this more often.