Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun week!

Okay ready for another blog? So this week was a great week!!! To start off with - a Mary update! Mary has finally found her feet. She uses them to grab things and will grab them herself to play with. It's very cute!

She is also getting close to crawling! This is her favorite pose these days. She's either up on her hands or on her knees. She hasn't figured out how to do them together yet - which I'm happy about right now! She does just fine with scooting and rolling all over the play.
She has also been working on sitting up. She is doing great at it! She'll sit up for about 5-10 seconds at a time. In her bath last night she went from a reclined position to sitting up all by herself. It was fun to see. Her face in this picture is priceless. In case you're wondering she's about to fall over and I think she knows it - ha ha ha!
She is also working on learning how to drink and eat. She loves to eat and LOVES to drink out of cups and sippy cups. It's very fun to watch her try to learn.

During bath time she absolutely loves to hold and try to drink out of this cup. She's getting pretty good at it.

This week Mary and I went to the park with Heather (my sister) and her boys. It was a lot of fun. As you can see Mary loves her cousins. Isaac and Mary are best buds. He always comes over to say hello to Mary. It's very sweet! I love having them around, it's like Mary has 4 older brothers! It's great!!!

Here is Jared and Liam (he's a little cut off) are playing in the water at the park. They would put a yogurt cup in and watch it spin in the water. It was cool to watch!

We can't to do a blog without some sort of musical something in it...ha ha ha! Mary loves to hear music and Jake is always happy to share his musical talents with Mary. She'll just sit there and listen to him play for quite a while. It's very sweet.  

On an exciting note (no pun intended) we got a piano this week!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! It's so exciting to have piano music in the house. The piano itself needs some work - just minor touch-ups here and there. And it needs to be tuned, but it's here and we love having it. 

Last night I wanted Mary to try and wait to be fed for about 30 minutes so I could feed her and put her to bed. So Jake took her and put her on his lap while he played the piano. After a few minutes he looked down and she had fallen asleep on him while he was playing. It was sooo sweet!!! I love my family!!!

This week has been a lot of fun! There is always something new when there is a little baby around!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things Mary is learning!

So this last week has been fun. Mary is growing so fast! At her 4 month check-up she was 14 lbs and 24 inches long. She has gone from the 80-90th percentile and is now in the 50-60th percentile. According to the world she is now average, but of course to us she is more than average (ha ha! sorry had to be cheesy there, it was too easy not to.) This last week Jake was in Oklahoma City on business, he has decided it really is not one of his favorite places. (My father grew up there and doesn't like it either.) While he was gone I did some little projects around the house. I finally put my chess sets up for decoration in the loft area and put some pictures up in our room. Here are some pictures of it. Nothing special, but it makes it feel more like home.

This bookshelf is in our bedroom. The top picture is "The Living Christ" with small pictures of Christ as the matting. My mom was going to D.I. so I stole it. 

These are the chess sets in the loft area. I have four small sets from Mexico and Ukraine. I don't play chess much anymore, but I do like collecting them.

Mary this week has started to learn all kinds of things. We have been working on her learning how to sit-up. Here she is in her Bumbo. She only likes it for about 10 minutes and then wants out! We've decided that she is a bit claustrophobic (like her mom) because she will start getting really upset and frustrated if she can't move. Jake sometimes will hold her arm down just to watch her - I think it's mean and make him stop!

She also started real food this weekend. Well, if you consider rice cereal real food. Jake has been very excited to feed her.

She definitely likes eating real food. If we don't feed her hast enough she'll lunge for the spoon and gets mad at us when we are too slow at giving her another bite. She's so funny!!!

Another talent Mary is working on is playing the drums. She was getting fussy so Jake decided to play the drums with her. She liked it...or really she probably didn't know what to think of it.

This is my favorite drum picture! She's not sure what to do!

Mary is growing up so fast!!! I miss my little infant that would just lay on me and sleep. But Mary rolling everywhere and talking and playing is fun too! We love our little girl so much!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun with our girl!

So this week has been interesting. We've had a couple physical problems - Jake hurt his back and I got sick, but Mary's been great! Mary roles over all the time. We have to watch her closely now where ever she is. It's so much fun watching her grow. She is getting a lot more interactive and expressive. It has been fun to watch her be intrigued by music. She'll be crying or fussing and Jake will start playing the piano, guitar or will start singing and she'll calm down and stare at what's going on. Here is a picture of her enjoying some piano music. (We are buying a piano in a week and a half. We're so excited to have a piano in the house!!!)

It may be hard to see, but if you look closely you can see that she's holding on to Jake's thumbs. It's very sweet! She loves it when he plays.
Jake is gone in Oklahoma for a couple days :( He is doing some work out there for Bailey's Moving and Storage. A couple days ago he was getting Mary ready for bed....or so I thought. This is what I walked into.

She kept laughing at him kissing her tummy. Then he would look up and she would touch his face. I think she think his stubble feels weird. I love how her feet are up on his shoulders. As her Uncle Kaden says, "She's a little monkey!"
Every time I lay her on the ground, on her back to play I turn around for a second and she has already rolled to her stomach. It's very fun - except when she spits up all over the floor. If any one has been around her or seen pictures of her they know she is always holding her hands together and when she is on her stomach it is no exception.
She almost looks like she's praying.

I thought her smiles were super cute. Got to love the toothless smiles!
We love Mary so much! She is such a happy fun baby! I have a feeling that when she learns to crawl she is going to go crazy! I think I will lose her a lot, ha ha!

Friday, July 8, 2011


So my mother and father came down to Colorado to visit a little bit ago and while they were here they helped us move into the house. Dad was so great with fixing things and and stuff and Mom helped a lot with decorating. Here are some things that she did while she was here. She's so great at decorating, it helps so much because I had no idea what I was/am doing.

This is on the half wall in between the living room and kitchen.

This is, obviously in the kitchen. Mom just used random stuff from our travels to decorate. Paris, Mexico, and Ukraine are all shown.

This is in the living room. Mom made the statue, she's so good!

And of course what blog would be complete without a picture of Mary! Now that she is a rolling machine she has learned that she likes to sleep on her side. I rarely find her any other way now. Also, when we go to get her she is usually sideways in the crib, kicking the side of it. She loves to sleep with her hands together - I think it looks like she is praying. She so sweet! We love our little girl!

Friday, July 1, 2011


So I swear I'm going to do better at this blogging thing. So another update from the past month and a half. We moved out of the Beckstead's basement into a house on June 1st that we are renting. We really like it and think it will be great for a family for a while. We love the ward we are in and can't wait to make new friends. Mary is doing great! She's growing so fast! She has started to turn over and it's her new favorite thing to do. Mom and Dad came down for a while and helped with cleaning, fixing and decorating. It was so great to have them here! So far everything has been great! Jake likes his job, hanging out with family is great, Mary is doing well and we are all healthy. We can't get much better! Okay no more boring talk here are some pictures...

Jake's Graduations!!! YAY!!! It's so great to have Jake graduated. He likes his job and we are loving Colorado.
Mary's blessing. She was blessed the day after Jake graduated and the day before we moved. She was very sweet. She is wearing the blessing dress I wore when I was blessed. A lady my mother knew made it for me.

It was so great that Jake's family was able to come. My parents came as well.

Jake went to El Salvador to work on the temple there and this is a dress that he brought back for Mary, I thought it was really cute! He's such a good dad!

So while living at the Beckstead's one night I  kept hearing a bang against the window. It started at about 5 a.m. and didn't stop. I thought it was a mouse, but no a rabbit had gotten into the window well. So Mom Beckstead came to the rescue of the poor rabbit and got it out. Earlier some birds had tried to get to it but we kept scaring them away.

Mima having story time with the Colorado grandkids. The Scott boys are so sweet with Mary. When we drive up little Isaac always yells "Mary's here! Mary's here!" and he'll come open the door for us. He loves his Mary.

Mary and Papa hanging out together! I love that face she is making!

Practicing her push-ups.

Mary loves playing with her Dad. 

They still look a lot alike, it's pretty funny!

Snuggle time with Grandpa!

Nap time!

Here is the crib my Dad built for Mary. I absolutely love it! It has three drawers underneath and is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I love this smile on her face, it cracks me up! This is what I woke up to the other morning...and no she was not in that position when she went to sleep.

Well that's about it for us this time! Happy Fourth of July!!!