Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hallowee, Bath, Birthday, Kirbys, and lots o' FUN!!!

Okay, once again I have neglected my blog. So, once again, you get a million pictures of everything that has been going on. We have been having way too much fun this month (or two…).  This one is pretty bland, but I will try to be better at keeping up on things. Enjoy!!!

 Our friends, the Kirbys, came and stayed with us for a few days. It was really fun having them around! We almost forgot what it’s like to have friends to hang out with.

Hayden didn’t really know what to do with Mary. Anytime she touched him or made a sound that was too loud he started crying. Mary would just look around like, “what did I do?” It was pretty funny. They are moving her next month so I guess they’ll get use to each other!

Well, while they were here they brought out Hayden’s (their son) toys and one of them was a teething ring. Well Mary fell in love with it. So when they left I got her three little ones and for the first few days she would not let go of them. She got mad at me when I tried to put her down for a nap without them, so I let her have them. (Later that day I found Hayden’s under the couch, where I’m sure Mary stashed it so she could keep it for herself!) 

Here is Mary’s first touch of snow. She touched it and didn’t do anything. Then about 15 seconds later she started crying. I think it finally got cold for her.

Mary had her first Halloween. It was a lot of fun! Grandma (Beckstead) got Mary a really cute lady buy outfit. She looked adorable in it! We didn’t go trick or treating, but we did go to a party and out to dinner and she wore the outfit both places :D

Here she is with her Dad – he’s dressed up as a scout.

We went over to the Scott’s to see the boys all dressed up, but only ended up with a picture of Isaac and Mary. (I’m not entirely surprised, they are inseparable.)

Jake got a new TV. He is in love!!! See that smile – almost as big as when Mary was born – ha ha! It’s been fun watching movies and being able to see the TV from the kitchen while I cook. 

In the morning we bring Mary into bed with up where I feed her and then we play with her for a while. Well, she has learned that Dad gets on his iphone every morning and she loves it! She will climb all over him to get to it. It’s really funny!

Mary likes to use her parents as jungle gyms. Here are some pictures of Mary climbing all over her Dad.

Mary has discovered the bath. She loves it! The first time we put her in the bathtub she kept trying to get out and we had to sit her back down, but she finally got the hang of it. The next time we put her in she just got in a played! 

Mary loves to play with cups. Here she is in the bathtub and she can’t quite pick it up because it’s full of water, so she went to the cup – ha ha! 

Ha ha ha!

Isn't she cute!!!

She is learning to stand on her own. She'll be walking soon - aahhhh!!!

I was having a little too much fun with her hair one morning!

I love this picture!!!

She was having way too much fun with Daddy!!!

She LOVES her cousin Isaac! They are best buds!

Jake turned 25 this month!!! He’s so old…ha ha ha! He had a piano themed birthday – not that he chose that theme, but that’s what happened. The piano got an overhaul. It got tuned, polished, fixed and Jake got piano books and a lamp for it. I put up pictures and curtains in the living room (or piano room) so that it looks more put together and inviting. He said he loves it! He keeps playing the piano so he must like it – at least a little. It was so excited everything turned out!

Here are before and after pictures of the living room. You can’t really see how dinged up the piano was, but it was pretty bad. And now it looks and sounds great!

I also made an amazing apple pie for his birthday. It was super good and looked amazing!!! (If I do say so myself!)

 She discovered balloons. I’m not sure how she feels about them, I think they confuse her.

Mary discovered tissue paper and learned she LOVES it! 

Jake's family came over for birthday pie and to hangout. (We just got back from Jake's b-day dinner. It was super yummy and fun!!!) I thought this picture was hilarious - it basically sums up Jake's family. Jake playing the piano, his parents playing with Mary (with Mom taking a picture) and the boys playing on their iphone/pad. 

These are the pictures I put up on the wall above the piano. Cheesy, I know, but they were fun to do and cute.


Monday, October 10, 2011

September...well most of it

So this last month was really fun! We went with the Beckstead's to see Les Miserables. It was awesome!!! It was Mom Beckstead’s birthday activity. I’m so glad we got to go. We dropped Mary off with my sister, Heather, and away we went. It was so fun!

Then it was our turn to babysit. My brother-in-law surprised my sister with a birthday get away for just the two of them and me and Jake came in to babysit their great kids! It was so fun being with those kids for four days – it’s a good thing they are awesome kids. Mary absolutely LOVES them!!! She had a blast playing with them. We also babysat them two weeks later so Heather and Jared could go run the St. George marathon – I think they’re nuts! Here are some fun pictures…

The boys got to play the Wii with Jake. They all seemed to have a good time.

Isaac and Mary are best buds. They love to be together.
We went on a picnic one day and had a good time!

Jared found a snake...and since Jake HATES/LOATHES/DETESTS snakes I thought it would be fun for Mary to meet her first snake :D (Jake wasn't there or else I don't think Mary would have met her first snake...ha ha hee hee!)
The boys were awesome at helping me with Mary! This is what I found them doing when I came down from a shower.

She loved all the attention!!!
This is Harry's raft for his eraser cat-thing. 
Mary LOVED Heathers table and couch. They were just the right height for her. She got some good leg exercising done!

And here are some fun pictures of Mary. Can't go without posting a few pictures of her!!!


She has figured out how to go up stairs so she thinks she should do it all the time!

Jake thinks it's really funny to Mary in her toy box...especially if she keeps running away from him.

I love this picture!!!