Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Park!

 We went to the park the other day. It was Mary's first time at the park. It was a little cold because of the wind, but I think she still liked it. We'll have to go again when it isn't so windy. It's crazy to think she's getting old enough to enjoy this type of thing! 11 months old tomorrow!!!

Having fun on the swing with Daddy.
I don't think she knew what to think about the slide. Ha! Ha!
I think her favorite part was walking on the rocks. She kept lifting her feet at first; they must have felt funny on her feet.
Can you tell she was cold??? Poor girl.
I went to the outlet mall with a friend and we were trying on sunglasses. Mary is such a ham that she kept them on and smiled for the picture. She's so funny! 
Eating food off the ground - her favorite pass time.
She's coming to attack the camera!

I thought this was a good picture to end on. Hee! Hee! Hee! Hope you all have a great day!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long over due...

So I know it's been FOREVER (once again) since I've updated this. So...here are some of the highlights from the past month or two...

I just love this picture...so I put it in. Love her eyes!!!

Here she is attacking Jared's present before Christmas. She was having fun, so I let her have at it :)

She has successfully ripped off the bow that was once on Jared's present...ha ha! She was very proud of herself.

Christmas morning!!! She had TONS of fun opening presents and getting into everything!

Grandma's got the goods!

Here is one of her presents. A bear from Uncle Jared. She tries to bite its nose off all the time.

These Cokes are her Dad's, but she kept going over to them and taking them.

She sat on a bow and it stayed on her bottom for quite a while. She ended up sitting in that box playing.

After Christmas we went to Utah. Mary did such a great job in the car!!!

She loved playing with everyone while she was there. Here she is dancing with Davis. They had a lot of fun!

We got to go to a Jazz game while we were there. Thanks Dad Beckstead!!! It was so much fun! And the Jazz won in a close game. It was very fun to tease Jake at the end :)

Mary never falls asleep in anyone's arms...except for Papa! They had a good nap together. It was very sweet. She loves her Papa!

Jake and Mary got some good play time together. I love Jake's face...ha ha ha!

Jake got to ride my Dad's motorcycle. He hasn't been on one for quite a while.

Mary LOVES music and especially the piano. She loved listening to Mima play.

Umm...yeah...(Don't worry it was empty)

Mary loves to get into cupboards. So we gave her one.

She loves it!!! 

My Mom and Dad came down to Colorado for my nephew's Priesthood ordination. It was fun seeing them again! Mary had a great time with them!!! 


Mary started making this wrinkly nose smile. I LOVE it. I think it's so cute! It cracks me up.
Well there we are in a nutshell. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years!