Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

So this last month has been fun getting ready for Christmas and what not. Mary keeps growing and is so fun to be around - most of the time. She is learning to put words together which is really fun for us! She'll say "bye-bye Daddy" and "thank you Mom". She is saying so much it's awesome!!! She has also started to use her imagination and play pretend. She'll have us go night-night so she can wake us up with a kiss. The first picture on the left is of her putting her puppy to sleep with a blanket. She said "night-night" and then walked away. She's so funny! Mary has turned into a popcorn fanatic! "Pop-pop?! Pop-pop please!!!" I hear this at least once a day. 

Jake had his 26th birthday in November! He didn't want a cake, he wanted white chocolate chip macadamian nut cookies. So that's what I made. And the only candle I could find was Mary's number 1 candle. Oh well, at least he got to blow something out, right???

This was the pie I made for Thanksgiving. My friend gave me the fun cutouts!

Mary LOVED the bells that I have on my 'JOY' sign so much that she ended up breaking it and so no longer gets to play with them. But I didn't get Bells that hang on the door and she's having a great time with those.


She was a great helper when we decorated the tree. Every time she'd put up a decoration she'd turn with that big smile and say "I did it!!!" It was very sweet to watch. She was very careful with them.

My parents got her antlers to wear and I've only been able to get them on her once, but I did snap a picture!

This is Mary's stocking. Someday we will upgrade from the 97 cent Walmart special.

At the beginning of December we were all sitting around one Saturday relaxing when Mary got up and said "Eee-aawww. Eee-aaww." (Which means airplane because that's the noise they make.) So we asked her where her plane was and if she wanted to play with it. Instead of finding her airplane she grabbed her shoes and brought them over to us and said "Eee-aawww car shoes eee-aawww shoes car." So we asked if she wanted to go in the car to see the airplanes and we got a VERY enthusiastic "YEAH!" So we piled in the car and went to the airport where she had a blast for about an hour or so. It was really fun for us to see her communicate her wants successfully! She is growing SOOOO much! The last picture was us driving to see the 'eee-aawwws' with the top off because it was a pretty warm day...70ish I think. That's the last day this year we drove with the top off! It was a great day!!!