Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun, fun and more fun!!!

The last couple weeks were really fun! Here are some highlights from it...

These are from the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It was really pretty! We drove past it and thought it cost money to go in so we didn't go. But then we decided to look it up, just to see how much it was and it turned out to be free - our favorite price! So we went in and it was so fun! Mary wasn't being very cooperative with the photos, she kept looking away - I think the sun was bothering her. But throughout the drive she was awesome, as usual!

Jake thought these photos were funny of Mary. She's wearing his hat in the first one and the second was right after she had a bath. If you look on his Facebook page he made her into a star wars character - and not a very nice one at that!

Yesterday was Labor Day and our Anniversary - #2 WHOO-HOO!!! We dropped Mary off with the Becksteads and Jake and I went out alone. We went to lunch at Cheddars - it was pretty good. And then we went and saw Harry Potter in the theatre! I was so excited!!! It was really good! Then we went back to Jake's parent's place and hung out with them. We went with them and played a little tennis, it was really fun! Jake's brother, Kaden, ended up with a bloody nose, but other than that it was great! And of course Mary was great through it all!!! She just sat and played in her car seat! I love that girl!!!

Okay, now here are some pictures that turned out better! Phew, about time! We love to play with our little one. A lot of the time after dinner we'll play around as a family in the living room. Jake will play the piano or play with us and Mary of course will be the center of attention. It's really fun to have this down time to just be together. This is usually the time we read scriptures as a family too! 

Mary is so funny! She will put things in her mouth and then crawl around with them there like a puppy dog. She cracks me up!!!

Another thing she has started to do is get up on her hands and feet. She does this all the time. I think she's trying to stand up, but just can't get it. She'll also do this and then bounce up and down with her bum in the air.

Last week we went to the zoo with Heather and Isaac. It was Mary's first time to the zoo. She had a blast, but as you can see in this picture she was more interested with Isaac's hair than anything else!

She did look at some of the birds, that was fun!

We started using this box to put Mary's toys in and I think she knows it. She will often go over to it and dump it out looking for new toys. She so fun!

The other morning she was being so sweet and I couldn't help but get some pictures of her. Her feet are so little and cute!

She kept laughing at me taking pictures. I loved it!!!

I think she was done taking pictures by this point, what do think? Have any captions for this photo?

I was trying to take more photos of her, but she just kept attacking me so I took a photo of her trying to grab the camera.

So on Saturday I woke up with a migraine so I went back to bed and my wonderful husband took care of Mary. When I woke up I could hear her laughing down the hall and had to get up to see what was so  funny and this is what I found... 

She sure loves her daddy! I love seeing them playing together!

The other day I went in to get Mary up from her nap and this is what I found - except the mattress was about 8 inches from the railing. So needless to say we dropped the mattress down so now she can stand up and can't fall out as easily. She's growing way too fast!!! 

I love this picture! She's having way too much fun standing on her own! 

As you can see she is standing where ever she can - like under my desk! She is trying to get to those cables and I have to keep my foot there or else she'll get to them and start biting them. She gets into everything now. It's crazy!!! It was very sad yesterday Jake and I were so focused on putting Mary's car seat back together we didn't see her try to come and join us...down the stairs. Luckily there were only three stairs, but it was still very sad! She's tough and didn't cry for very long. Poor girl. We think she did a head first somersault down them. She's all better now! I guess we need to work on learning stairs soon!!!

She's crawling so well!!! I'm adding a video so you can all see. Also, she has mastered how to sit-up on her own. It's so fun to watch her learn and develop! I love our little girl so much!!! Well that's about it this time! Have a great week!