Monday, August 22, 2011

Another week gone by...

So nothing amazingly exciting, but it's been a pretty good week. Mary got some new toys to play with and books to read - or to have read to her. She's still working on mastering crawling, she still scoots most of the time. It's been a lot of fun watching her. Jake bought the Microsoft Flight Simulator and is in love with it! He is on it all the time. He wants to start flying lessons next year and so this is how he's going to get a jump start on it. He's very excited! That's about it for us! Enjoy the pictures!

Playing with her new toys.

She is doing great at sitting up!!!
Notice the red knees from trying to crawl?
Jake on his flight simulator.
Mary wanted to play. She came and "kissed" my cheack. She wouldn't look at the camera!
She's gotten really good at grabbing noses...and whatever else she can reach!
A kiss from her mom! I love that little girl!!!

Here is a video of Mary trying to crawl. She can do a lot better than this, but she won't perform on command so this is what I got...enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation!!!.......and work

Last week Mary and I went to Utah to spend sometime with family. I had a mini-family reunion. It was great to see all my siblings and (most of) their families. I met two nephews that I did not previously know, that was really fun. They were both so cute and fun! They look so much like their father's it's funny. It was fun hanging out with everyone and catching up. Mom and Dad were very nice in letting us all crash their place for the reunion. It turned out really fun! (Sorry about the sideways pictures, I'm going fast.)

Before we left for Utah my sister, Robyn, and her kids came and spent the night with us on their way to Utah. It was awesome having them here.

Here are Joseph and Mary playing together - well kind of together.

Hyrum and Eliza playing the Wii. They taught us some new tricks.

Joseph, Owen and Mary playing. They were ignoring us.

Can you tell about 5 people started talking to them to get their attention for a photo?

We made some rockets that we launched later. is Brian...yeah...

Mary was having fun with her foot one morning so I decided to talk a picture of it.
She has her deer-in-the-headlight look.

The grandkids got to go fishing off the deck for fun toys. (While some of the adults were inside eating yummy malts!)

Just hanging out. Monique is having some fun with Mary's hair.

Face painting was encouraged.
Here are Emily and Eliza hard at work.

Rob did great at balloon animals!

Dad just finished grilling and malts. I suppose he can take a break :)

Ha ha ha! This picture was hilarious. It's a really weird way to fall asleep. 

Slip 'n Slide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom was a good sport!!!

Mike made a cool rocket launcher. 

So they shot off rockets. It was really fun to watch them go!


Just chillin.

Debbie tried to walk....
So then Heather tried to walk...
Then Brian tried to walk and broke the stilts :(

Mary and me chillin outside under an umbrella. She looks so cute with the hat.

Dad made the babies a chew stick. Grandpa Guy use to make them and now Dad carries on the tradition. Mary loves hers! Thanks Dad!!!

 How can you tell you live in a Mormon family???

                       VANS!!!!! All my siblings have them. And my parents. There were a lot of vans there that day...ha ha ha!
The cousins loved to hangout with Mary.

They were all very sweet with her. It was fun to watch her play with them.

We all know Mary loves the piano. Mom is doing Walk and Run with the grandkids.

On Tuesday we visited Jake's grandparents. It was fun to see them!
They helped Mary drink from a cup. She LOVES to drink from a cup. 

Mary has started to learn how to crawl and Mom thought it was her duty to help her along.

She kept falling over, but she kept trying.

She is doing great!!! Last night she started crawling for real! She actually used her hands and legs together  without falling over. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this! She is also doing great at sitting up. She can now go a minute or two without falling over! She's growing way too fast!!!

We love our little girl soo much!!!

While we were gone Jake went to Guatemala to work on the temple down there. Here are some pictures from his trip.

This is the temple he was working on. He said it was really small. 

We're all glad to be back together again at home. Sorry this is so long. We had so much going on. Have a great week!!!