Monday, March 19, 2012

Movie I

MOVIES! Who doesn't like movies, right?! Especially home movies!!! Okay, so sometimes they can be lame and you might think these are too, but we like them! They are short and Mary is sweet so check them out! (Don't forget the popcorn!)

This one is of Mary on her birthday. It's right after breakfast and Jake has just given her a push-popper-thing (that's the technical name). It was her first present so of course we had to film it. Enjoy!

More movies to come!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sooooo Much Fun!!!

This week has been crazy fun for our little Mary!!! And there are TONS for pictures to remember everything by! we go!!! 

Mary's first birthday present...a popper! We decided that every kid needs one of these and Mary thinks it's very fun!

Chilling with Dad.

Birthday breakfast was her favorite! Waffles and bananas!!! I think she is related to me :D

And her birthday dinner is another favorite we share - cinnamon and sugar toast!!!

We gave her a phone that lights up and makes noise. She thinks it's awesome.

The Becksteads came over to help us celebrate. Can you tell she was more interested in them than her presents??? She loves her family!

She finally got into opening presents and realizing she could play with them.

She got a doll that laughs when you push her tummy. She thinks it's so funny!

Another fun toy! It's a book that lights up and talks.

I thought it was funny that Kaden was taking pictures of his hands :)

Here she's playing with her book with Uncle Jared. Can you tell she's interested in the other toys too!

We decided that toys are the hardest things to get out of the wrapping. It took Dad Beckstead about 7 minutes to get this one out...ha ha ha!

Playing with Grandma and looking cute in her new headband!

We got her this walker/scooter and she loves it!!!!!!! She loves walking everywhere with it.

She's still learning the scooter part.

We thought it would be funny to put her in this bag and take a picture. Mom B. put her in and she promptly fell over. She was okay, it was funny though!


YAY! Cake time!!!

Stripped down and waiting patiently for the cake.

She wasn't sure what it was and what to do with it. She looked at it for about 3 minutes before she'd touch it.

She finally understood.

And went for it!!! Ha ha!

Grandpa wanted some!

She liked the icing.

Mary's very good at sharing!

Sugar rush is finally hitting!

She kept trying to share, but for some reason no one wanted any.

The mess just keeps getting bigger!

Finally she is all done!

Ready for her bath!!! She thought it would be fun to touch everything in the bathroom - wall, door, facet, etc. Good thing they were all easily washable things. 

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little girl! She had so much fun and loves her new toys. She is so much fun to be around. She has grown so much this last year and has learned so much. She is so much smarter than we realize. We are very blessed to have her in our family!!!

Daddy time. Mary loves to be up by Jake when he is playing the piano.

She's helping him turn the pages. She's so funny! Sometimes she's move his hands so he can't play and she can. I think piano lessons are definitely in her future!!!

She has learned that her room is a really fun place to play!

She has starting doing this thing where she'll grab the dish towel, put it on her head and then crawl/walk around. She thinks it's so funny!

My goofy towel-head girl!

We will end this super long blog update with a picture from the park. We took a nice stroll to the park the other day and put her in the swing. She wasn't sure what she thought of it. Hope you had as fun a week as Mary did!!!