Friday, November 16, 2012

Pigs, Pumkin, and Pudding!!!

Okay, so it has been a while since I've posted anything so here we go...

Jake got out his guns to clean them and, of course, had to start Mary on her gun education.

We went to a harvest event with the Lyman's. It was fun! We got there a little late, but what can you do? It took Mary a while to warm up to touching animals.

She loves water and so we let her sit a get wet for a while.

The other day we went to the airport and just hung out watching the airplanes. Mary LOVED it! She's is such her father's daughter.

The picture on the left is of a fort Jake built for Mary and as you can see Mary is NOT in it. She wouldn't go in. She would occasionally lift the blanket and look in, but that's it. Jake had a good time hanging out in it though ;)
The picture on the right is Mary being silly and wearing a basket as a hat.

Here are more silly pictures of Mary. Yes, that is a toilet seat on her head. We haven't used it yet so it's still clean...I hope.

We raked all our leaves the other day and Mary was very helpful!

"Here's the broom Dad!"

HALLOWEEN! We hung out at the Beckstead's for Halloween. It was fun! And Mary got to put on the pumpkin costume! She actually wore it around for quite a while and didn't want to take it off!

The other day we went to the Nature and Science Museum with some good friends. May had a blast! There were some great things for little kids to do. Thanks Nicole for taking us!!!

Mary likes dressing up and wearing hats sometimes and here I got a picture of it! The one on the right is of Mary playing with sidewalk chalk. She thought it was really fun!

Jake and I got to go to a Jazz and Nuggets basketball game! His family and people from work were going so we got to go. It was really fun! But it was really late too, we didn't get home until 11:00ish.

I will end this blog with this picture. I made pudding the other day and Mary LOVED it, of course! And the next day I found these holes in the syran wrap and they happen to be spaced perfectly for a little hand that I know. She's such a stinker sometimes but I love her SO MUCH! And I'm glad she likes chocolate like me!!!