Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So nothing too exciting has happened this month, but I thought I would post some fun pictures of Mary... 

Mary wanted to play in her Elmo pj's and her tutu all day. It was really funny, especially since she's acted scared of her tutu in the past. She had a fun time!

I really had been wanting to take Mary on some bike rides, but I didn't have a trailer or seat for her. So, after some research and thinking I decided to get her a bike seat. Jake was sweet and helped me put it together. The first ride was okay, but the following rides were awesome. She LOVES it! And it's fun to be able to talk to her and hold her hand while we're riding. I'm so glad we got it!!!

We try and go to the library once a week for story time. There are these statues of two girls that Mary absolutely LOVES!!! She'll sit next to them, hug them, kiss them, talk to them, and hold their hands. It's really funny! But it does make it hard to get out of the library!

Mary's favorite food is pizza! She's so much like Jake sometimes!!! 

About 2 weeks ago Mary got the croup :( It was very sad to hear her cough and breath. The Dr said that cool air would be good for her. So we bundled her up and went for a drive with her windows down. She loved having the windows down and got mad at us when we rolled them us. She's all better now, thank goodness!!!

Our friends are letting us borrow their toddler bed for when Mary transitions to one. She loves playing with it. Her mean mom won't switch her to it until the middle of March, but she definitely knows what it's for!
We've had quite a bit of snow this week!!! Here is a picture of the first day. I like snow, just not on the roads...oh well!

Hope you all have a great day! Sorry, this was a rushed post!