Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camping...no more...

So we decided to go camping again this last weekend. We went back to Pike National Forest and had a pretty good time. There were only a few downsides - we forgot a lighter for the stove and the Kirby's forgot a can opener so the boys were gone for almost 3 hours getting those. Mary didn't take an afternoon nap. Then when bedtime came it took her a little while, but she went down. But then when Jake and I went to bed she woke up and wouldn't go down. So at about 1:30 a.m. Jake realized his air mattress was leaking and he was laying on the ground. So he decided to go to the car and took Mary with him. Well Mary got some sleep by sleeping on Jake and Jake didn't get any. I got about 2-3 hours of sleep. It was not the funnest night we've ever had. There is only more thing that happened, but I need the pictures for that so stay tuned...

Mary had a great time playing!!! She LOVED the dirt!

She is very serious and very dirty!!! See the dirt on her nose? I'm glad she had a good time.

Hanging out with dad.

I went to the bathroom and came back to Mary jumping off the back of the Jeep and having a great time!!! I had a video of it to show you, but for some reason I have issues with downloading videos to blogger so you just get the pictures.

This is a magic trick...see one car leave...see two cars return...
So Jake and Paul decided to go play with the Jeep a little more with its offroad capabilities. So they left us girls...again. Well about 15 minutes later I look up and see Paul walking down the road towards us. Turns out Jake got the Jeep stuck and so Paul went to get his car to help him out. 

This is Jake stuck...ha ha ha!!! I had to laugh when I heard he was stuck. All went well and he got out. It's a good story too.

Needless to say this is our last camping trip for a while!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pike's Peak!

We went to Pike's Peak this last weekend as a family. It was really fun. Mary was great during the whole drive and we just had a good time enjoying each other.

We stopped at a picnic area about half way up the mountain the eat lunch. Mary was very happy to get out of the car and run around. She got in the dirt and had a great time! Jake is taking her over to play on some rocks. He loves his little girl!!!

Part of the road had a lot of twists and turns and didn't have rails. Here Jake is very concentrated on driving...which we appreciated. The next few pictures are just some amazing views from the drive.

That lake you can see on the right was at about mile marker 3 or 4 up the mountain.

Almost there!!!

Here we just hit around 12,000 ft. All the trees have stopped growing.

Here is a view from the top! We made it!!!
Sooooooo far down!!!

They are so darn cute together!!! It was a little cold up at the top about 55 degrees and windy!!

So at the top they have these world famous donuts because it's so hard to cook at 14,000 feet. Well, I LOVE donuts so we decided to go and try them. I was a bit disappointed. First they were ridiculously expensive for what you got. Then there was plain, plain with chocolate or plain with white fudge. The ones that weren't plain were $2, not going to happen! So we got the plain ones and they weren't that good. But at least we can say we got some!

Mary REALLY liked her donut!

Anyone else go on an adventure this week??

Friday, August 10, 2012

Belleview Park

Heather and Isaac invited Mary and I out to Belleview Park for a day of fun! This park has a lot of fun stuff to do! This picture is on the train ride. I love that face of Isaac's! Can you see Mary's red face? She gets hot so fast!

They have a petting zoo where you can milk this fake cow. It's pretty cool. Isaac was trying to teach Mary how to do it, but she just wanted to sit on the stool.

Here is the backside of my sister Heather - I'm sure she's going to love that - and Isaac petting a goat. Mary would have NOTHING to do with the goats and animals. All she wanted to do is watch the ducks and say "quack, quack, quack." She's a very good quacker!!!

She loved the stream where you can go wading in. She didn't want to get out. I do have to say it's pretty nasty with all the kids and dogs in it. But it was fun. 

Here we are about to leave. Mary was helping Isaac with his shoes...she's so sweet. You can't tell but right before we got out of the water she fell in so her front is all wet and she smelled! 

Thanks Heather and Isaac for the super fun day!!!!!!!!!!!


A few weeks ago we got these chair pillow things. (I'm not sure what to call them.) And Mary has decided that they are hers. If we are sitting in them she will coming push, pull, yank, or attack us out of them. And then she will laugh when she has won a pillow. She's such a stinker, but really funny!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jake's New Baby!

Jake got a new baby this last month which he absolutely loves and adores! We've been looking to switch out our old Jeep due to gas and other issues. So, one Saturday we go down to the dealership just to look at a Rubicon. Jake has been DYING to have one and wanted me to test drive it and see what I thought. Well we went down just to test drive it...or so we thought. We walked out with this great looking Rubicon. We love it! It's really fun to drive! The first week we had it we went down to Pike National Forest and did some off-roading.

Here is Jake with his baby. It's hard to tell but it is up on a rock.

I've never owned a car that I got to see it go from 99 miles to 100. It was pretty cool if you ask me!

We stopped and took some pictures. Here is Jake and Mary climbing rocks. The one of me and Mary is actually in the car. Mary was getting pretty jostled and didn't want to sit in her carseat so I took her out and held her for a while. She loved it!!!

It is so beautiful up there!!!

Having lunch...yeah someone stole me seat! It's a good thing she's cute!

Mary is infatuated with sunglasses.

Proudly driving his new car.

It was a long day for her. She was much happier after her nap. Half the top was off at this point. I think she liked the wind.

I believe that's Pike's Peak.

Some of the roads we went on. Jake even let me drive for a while!

We stopped here. I know it's hard to see but it was steep and NOT smooth at all!!! Jake said he would have gone down if there was someone else there just in case we got stuck. He marked it on the GPS for future fun.

This is what the Jeep looked like after our day of fun. Not too dirty, but proof that we had fun!!!

The other day we took the top off and went driving. Mary LOVED the wind and kept raising her hands to feel it. I love this picture!!!

Anyone else done anything fun lately???