Monday, April 30, 2012

Barbecues & Bandanas and Dancing & Drawers!

JAKE GOT A GRILL!!!! It was an early Father's Day gift! I really wanted to doing some bbqing, and so did Jake...and whaa-la! We now are the proud owners of our very own grill! We had a really fun time putting it together....NOT!!! It was aweful and we had to use some of our own parts, but it's up and running!!! We made some flank steaks the other day and they were yummy!

 Here is step by step pictures of what went on...The precooked picture...the cooking picture...the half way off picture...the fully done picture (He was a little sick of my pictures by then)...and finally the cleaning picture. I was a little picture happy!!! I was just so excited to barbecue!!!

 Even Mary thought it was good!!!

If you didn't know Mary LOVES to walk around with towels and stuff on her head. Well the other day she found my Buff. Yes that's what it is called. It is a tube of fabric without seams. It's SUPER comfy and I love it!!! I really, really want another one, but haven't gotten enough guts to do it - They're not Jake's favorite (he says I look like a Babushka in it) and are kind of expensive for the amount of fabric. But they are comfy and you can wear them so many different ways. There are even videos about it. ANYway, back to Mary...she found it and wanted to wear it. So I put it on her and she'd wear it for a little while before she'd take it off and want me to put it back on again. She looked so cute! 

The other day Jake was dancing with me and Mary wanted in. So we all danced together for a while, which she thought was really funny. And then I let Jake and Mary dance. It was really cute and she thought it was fun.

So our old microwaved died and had been sitting in the living room - Jake finally got rid of it. Well, while it was there Mary thought it was a play place for her. She would sit on it, stand on and even dance on it. It was her first table dancing routine. Do you see the dish towel by her foot? Yeah, she stole that from the kitchen and was wearing it around on her head...silly girl!

Mary has learned the art of opening drawers and climbing. And now she has managed to combine them. I use to have papers in the drawer until she figured out how to open it. Now I just need to teach her how to stay OUT of the drawer!!!

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