Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Park, Family, Fire and Fun!

Once again a lot has happened since the last post. I will try to catch up.

We went to the park one day. It was nice, but windy. We stayed for about an hour. The Kirby's met us there. It was really fun!

Jake was having fun with the fireman pole. He is still very much a kid at heart :)

I was swinging with Mary and she just laid back on me relaxing. It was very sweet.

Jake was pointing out all the clouds and Mary was trying to point them out too. Although I don't really think she knew what she was looking at...ha ha ha!

We made wanted to have burgers because it was such a nice day! Here Jake is trying to get the coals hot enough to didn't work very well. It took a long time! But we did have burgers!!!

This is Mary's new look. It cracks me up! She started doing it (and still does sometimes) when she was upset with us for getting after her or telling her she couldn't have something. We made it into a joke so now she, mostly, does it for a laugh. She's so funny!

My parents came to town for my nephew, Harry's, baptism. Congrats Harry!!! Here he is opening his gifts...with Mary's help of course! She loves her cousins! They have so much fun together!!!

I went out to lunch with my parents while they were here. Mom got fried corn on the cob. By her expression she's not sure how to eat it...ha ha ha!

She decided to just dig in! I don't know how much she liked it, she said it was interesting.

One day Mary and I were having fun with my camera on my phone. She liked that she could look at herself. This picture make her eyes look huge!!!

I love this picture of her! She has such a great smile!

 While Jake and I went on a cruise with his family my parents took care of Mary. These next pictures are of things they did together.
Mary on a scooter at the Scott's. I think her face is hilarious!

They went to Temple Square in Salt Lake. 

And played around while they were up there. Mary did so well with my parents. They said she was awesome and really fun! I'm so glad she was good! My parents are awesome for taking her for a week!!! They are so great and Mary loves them a lot!!!

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