Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Fun!

After the cruise I went to my parents to get Mary and Jake went home :( I had quite the ordeal getting to my parents. I missed one flight and almost missed another. I was done with travelling by the end!!! Mary did take a few minutes to warm up to me, but after that she was glued to me. It was great seeing my little girl again! I missed her!!!

She loved playing with eggs and all the toys at my parents. She also loved playing with her cousins!

We are about to start the Easter egg hunt. She's very excited!

Her are some of her cousins to come on the hunt too!

She found her first egg!

She learned that there were treats in the eggs! (Not that she got to eat any... I know I'm such a mean mom!)

Checking out her loot!

Hanging out with Papa while we tried to get dinner on.

When we got home Mary's Great-Grandmother Sharron sent her some presents and some were bath toys! AWESOME!!! You can barely see it, but she's looking at the bubbles coming from a bubble machine. It was so fun!!!!

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