Wednesday, April 11, 2012


For Jake's graduation from BYU-Idaho his parents told him they wanted to take a trip. So Jake said he wanted to go on a cruise, but not just any cruise. He wanted to go on the biggest cruise ship you can find - The Oasis of the Seas. So we started looking and found a 7-day Caribbean cruise. It was great because Jake and I had never been to the Caribbean and thought it would be fun. It went to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Martin. It was really fun! There was a ton to do onboard and we had great excursions at the ports! Here are some of our pictures from the trip!

Here is our crazy huge boat!!!

On Nassau near Atlantis. It was really cool, but they wouldn't really let you walk around.

Rock climbing on the ship. Fun!

Relaxing! Loved it!!!

In port! (I think the way our hands are positioned make Jake look pregnant...sorry sweetie!)

Going snorkeling in St. Thomas. This was one of our favorite stops. I've never been snorkeling and I LOVED IT!!!

Jake eating an apple pie with cheese on top. It was weird, but he said it was good.

On St. Martin they have this crazy airport where the planes come right up agains the fence, but on their brakes, get the engines to full power and then take off. The runway is too short to do it any other way.

So the run way is about 30 yards from the beach. So people stand behind the planes to feel the jet power. It's cool to watch but I wouldn't want to do it. There is a couple in this picture holding their 5-7 year old son in the jet blast. Not the brightest idea they've ever had.

Here is the warning sign. One of about 5!

Gorgeous view!

At the same airport the planes have to fly in super low to catch the runway. See the beach? See how low the plane is? It's really cool. Jake was in HEAVEN!!!

Playing at the beach (a quarter of this beach was a nude beach, needless to say we didn't wander around the beach - AT ALL!). This was on the French side of St. Martin.

We took a jeep tour around St. Martin. It was really fun. This was a protected area. It was really pretty.

A parade on the boat.

The dinning room.

Eating at the dinning room. (Can you tell I was sunburned??? Jake was too, but you can't see it)

The Carousel, it was really fun!!!

Just hanging out.

Watching the diving show.

The outdoor theatre. This is where they had the diving shows and other stuff.

The Italian Restaurant. It was really yummy!

Central Park level. This is the level we stayed on. I loved it!

Back in Florida Jake and I had time to go to the Everglades before our planes left. It was really fun. I'd never been on an airboat before and had never seen crocs in the wild. It was a good end to a great trip!!!

Here was the kids swimming area.

At the airport I got a donut. I love donuts and love dunkin' donuts! It was very yummy!!!

Thank you Mom and Dad Beckstead for taking us on this amazing trip!!! It was soooooo fun!!!!

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Tricia said...

What a fun trip! Your cruise ship looked awesome. I am glad you like snorkeling, that was my favorite part of Hawaii. :)