Friday, June 1, 2012


So it's been over a month since I have posted anything. So, once again, I'm playing catch up. One of these days I'm going to do better with this!

Mary finds it really funny pull her shirt up and tickle her belly. She does this with anyone. It's awesome when she gets Jake's feet...ha ha ha!

We got Mary the "Book of Mormon Stories". She loves it. She'll sit on our laps while we talk to her about it. It's fun to watch her be interested in books.

Right now my cedar chest is in her room and she thinks it's her personal play chest. She'll sit there opening and closing the drawers putting stuff in and taking it out. She's such a goof!

I'm still not really sure what this was about, but I got Mary up one morning and she kept falling asleep on me. Usually she's excited and happy to be up, but that morning all she wanted to do was sleep. It was really fun cuddling with Mary. She's always on the go so cuddling doesn't usually happen.

Our great friends the Thurgoods came to CO in May. It was so fun to see them!!! We went to Heritage Park and played around. And just hung out all day. We are so glad they came down to play!!! FYI - Mary did NOT like the carousel AT ALL!!! Before it went around once I was holding her myself.

We took a train ride at Heritage Park. Mary liked that just fine!

Jake and I went on this ride. It was kind of a ghetto place for rides, but it was still fun!!!

Mary also thinks that Jake's suitcase is her personal play-case. She sits on it and puts toys in it. When Jake left for a trip a couple weeks ago she was playing with it and then got really upset when Jake took it away. When Jake got to Oklahoma he got a little surprise. Turns out Mary put a toy in there without either one of us noticing! 

She loves our phones, of course. She'll come up to me and stick her hand in mine so that I help her push buttons on the phone. She's so funny!

Mary has started to be interested in putting her clothes on. Here she is trying to put her socks on. She also tries to put her shirts and pants on. It's really cute! I can't believe how big she's getting and how much she understands!!!

She has discovered Jake's keyboard and LOVES it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any chance she gets she wants to play with all the buttons and hear all the different sounds. 

One day she decided to get in the box with the toys instead of getting them out of the box. She was so happy and content in there. The funniest part is when she tried to get out she kept falling over with the box. Ha ha ha!

Cute picture of Mary and Daddy!

 We went on a bike ride to the park and Mary had a blast!!! She loved just exploring and playing. She's growing up too fast!!!

We also had a bbq with the Kirby's. So our burgers are the ones not burning to death. In case you can't tell there are three burgers in the fire. It was so funny! They turned the burners off on that side and the flames kept going. It was awesome!

My sister, Heather, is awesome at giving us her kid stuff. It's so great having a sister with kids a few years older than Mary so we get great hand-me-downs and this table and chairs in one of them. Mary had a great time sitting on the chairs.

These are the flowers Jake got me for Mother's Day, aren't they pretty?! And he also got my a bike!!! Whoo-hoo!!! And thanks to the Kirby's for letting us borrow their bike trailer we can and have been going on bike rides. It's so much fun!!!

So, I thought I would end with this picture. I don't have a lot of pictures of me and Mary, but I thought this one was cute. She kept laying on my stomach playing with that ball. It was a great day!!!

Just a little catch up with Mary...She can say Daddy, Mom (sometimes), ball - her l's are getting really clear, baby and tries to mimic any sound we say. She has been doing well with staying in the kitchen with she eats or drinks, running around like a crazy girl, and she loves to eat our food instead of hers. She loves the outdoors and is getting use to sitting in a trailer for bike rides. She is definitely a stubborn child with a mind of her own, but that's one of the reasons we love her soooooo much!

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