Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Church and naps

So, like so many church times, ours is right when Mary is suppose to take her afternoon nap. (Our church is at 1 p.m., Mary usually goes down about 2-4 p.m.) Needless to say she can get really fun during church. And to top it all off I have just been called to be the Beehives Advisor. So, Jake now gets to take care of Mary during the 3rd hour of church. Well, this last Sunday was the first time Jake has had to take her. When Jake picked her up and started walking away she started screaming and crying. Poor girl, it was bad enough that she won't sleep during church and now I had to leave her. But Jake calmed her down and she did okay for a little while... Then she started getting upset again in the middle of Priesthood, so what does he do? He takes her out to the car so she can be as loud as she wants. And what does she do? Falls asleep in his arms. I came out of church to this:

 Which I thought was very sweet. Jake was loving it because she rarely falls asleep in anyone's arms and it's even rarely to have it happen to him. If you look closely at this next photo you can see that her foot is in the steering wheel. I guess Jake didn't even notice she fell asleep. He said she was playing with a toy and then next thing he notices is that she has fallen asleep. So sweet! I love my little family!

So a while ago I got some mittens (they came with a hat that I liked) for Mary, but she has never worn them. I always forget to put them on her. Well, the other day I was switching diaper bags and they fell out, so I thought it would be fun(ny) to put them on her and see what she did. So I did. It was very comical to see her look at them and then try to pick something up and wonder what was going on. She kept looking at me like she wanted to say "Hey, what happened to my fingers?!" She eventually figured them out. 

Mary is growing so fast! She is learning all kinds of things. She can go up and down stairs, say "Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" - when she wants something, can sign 'milk', can completely stand on her own and could probably walk if she wanted - I don't encourage that though, and does a ton of other stuff. She loves to hear her Dad play the piano. If he goes over to play she will crawl as fast as she can over to it, stand up and reach on her tip-toes to play with him. And then she'll start dancing. It's very cute to see!!! She loves music and anytime music comes on she'll stop what she's doing, listen intently and then (usually) starts dancing. We love our little Mary she is so fun to be around!!! She surprises us everyday!!!


Rachel Kirkaldie said...

So sweet! I love it!

allie. said...

HA! The picture of Jake and Mary snoozing during church is priceless.