Monday, February 20, 2012

YW, Hayden, Karaoke, and Mary (of course!)

This last week has been fun! (And a little crazy.) The first part of the week was spent getting Valentine's Day ready, as you read in the last post. Wednesday came around and I had my first Young Women's activity. In case you didn't know I am now the Beehive's Advisor in our ward. So far it's been fun, just a little crazy! I taught last Sunday and I think it went alright and then we had mutual that Wednesday. We went and heart-attacked the YW President's house. It was fun. The girls really liked it and seemed to have fun.
They named the activity "Secret Agents". That's why we're pretending to have guns.

 Then Thursday rolled around and my friend has fallen and hurt her back. So I offered to take her little boy for a few hours so she could rest. So, Mary had an impromptu play-date. I think Mary had more fun than Hayden. Poor guy just wanted to be held. But that didn't stop Mary from offering him toys and stuff. It was very cute. After there naps Hayden got a bottle while Mary was eating. As soon as he was done he wanted some of the good food...

Mary did a good job of sharing. It was very sweet. 
I think Hayden was jealous.
He's a boy all the way. See the football he's holding??

Lately Mary has decided that she is Miss Independent and that she wants to feed herself. Luckily, she has yet to stab herself with the pointy forks. We finally gave in and bought her some of her own. So, hopefully, she will like using those this week!

Can you tell she's very proud of herself???
She is always so happy to make a mess for us! Jake can't stand watching babies eat spaghettio-type foods. It's really funny!!!
In case you couldn't tell that's an olive in her mouth :) We had some in the fridge so I decided to see if she liked them and she does! (For the most part.) She doesn't like eating a lot of them, but she'll eat a few. I put one on her finger and tried to get a picture, but she took it off too quickly. I thought this picture was hilarious of her though!!!

Jake has found this karaoke channel on Youtube and gets on occasionally (okay, probably a bit more than occasionally.) And he'll sit there a sing different songs for quite a while - it's funny sometimes. Well, Mary loves music and so she'll find a way to get on his lap and just hang-out.

They tend to have a good time together!

On a great note, Mary has rediscovered how great baths are! YAY! She had so much fun the other day!!! Love it! It was really fun to watch her play. This was after the Spaghetti-o's. She was really dirty!!! 


Kim Beckstead Cooper said...

She is getting SO BIG, Rachel!! And she is adorable! I love that stage where they start wanting to do things themselves...its so much fun!

allie. said...

i LOVE the picture of mary with the olive in her mouth! too funny! and thank you SOOO much for watching hayden for me. i'm sure he had a great time with mary!