Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!!! (plus some)

Jake has been wanting to check out a flight school he found a little ways from us. These schools usual offer a introductory/discovery flight. It's where you get to take the airplane up for about an hour at a discounted rate. He's taken one before at another flight school, but wanted to check this one out. He's been trying to set it up for a while, but hasn't been able to. So, I thought it would be fun to do it as a surprise for Valentine's Day. Being the sneaky person I am I contacted the guy at the flight school and set it up without Jake knowing and I asked the guy to not let Jake schedule one before than. So poor Jake kept trying to get in contact with this guy and couldn't do it. (But they did finally make a time to go after V-day.) So, I took care of that, but there was still a little girl to deal with. So I called Mom Beckstead. She was very nice and very willing to take her very cute little granddaughter for the afternoon. And she was VERY helpful in making sure Jake could get off early from work. 

Valentine's Day morning came and I was talking to Jake about what he was going to do that day at work and he told me he was going to go on site inspections. SITE INSPECTIONS!?!?!? If you don't know what those are it's where Jake goes to people's houses and watches deliveries to make sure everything goes smoothly and correctly. Which means, he would not be in the office ALL DAY! I quickly called Mom B., who called Dad B., who called the guy Jake was going on these site inspections with and told him Jake had to be back in the office at a certain time. The best part was that this guy totally made up some bogus excuse which didn't make sense at all, but he got Jake back to the office in time. 

I got to Jake's office, sat in his seat and waited for him to come in. He was very surprised (and I think a little embarrassed, he shares an office with two other guys) to see me. I told him we were just going out to lunch. He, of course, chose to go to the restaurant at the airport across from where he works. Can you tell he is a little obsessed with planes???? But I do have to say, they have REALLY good food there. So I was happy. We ate and left and he thought I was going back to his work, but I turned and he was very confused. He asked me where we were going and all I did was hand him a blindfold :)

He wasn't extremely happy with me, but he played along and was very nice about it. He did guess pretty well where we were, but didn't know really where we were going. 

About 2 miles out from the airport I told him he could take it off and figure out where we were. It took him about 2 seconds to ask if we were going to the airport. When I told him we were he was very excited. At that point I did apologize to him for lying to him for a while about this whole thing. I think he forgave me before I even said anything. 

We got to the airport and met Burt - the instructor who was going to take us up. He was quite the talker!!! He had flown for a LONG time! He flew with Continental Airlines and for an oil company in Saudi Arabia. And now he teaches at his sons school (although he, Burt, did start the school). Anyway, so we listened to him for a while and then went on our flight. He was really great!

This is right before he started the plane. He is giving Jake some instructions on what to do. And Jake, of course, is listening intently.

Here we are taxying to the runway, he kept complaining about the stupid people that parked their cars where he's suppose to taxi.

Jake is now flying the airplane. Burt said that Jake did a great job and kept the plane steady and right where it should be. I guess Microsoft Flight Simulator is paying off!

Burt kept putting his arm around Jake's seat. I'm sure it was more comfortable to sit like that. (The airplanes are quite small.) I just thought it was funny!

Jake flying again, you can see him holding the yoke in this picture.

We flew around downtown Denver. It was really fun! That's the baseball field that you can see.

More of downtown Denver.

I had a lot of fun looking out the window! A different view than what I'm use to.

This is the airport we flew out of - Front Range Airport.

Here Jake is turning to the right. Burt kept getting mad at Jake because he would look at the instruments to fly instead of looking out the window. So, Jake obediently, is looking out his window this time.

We're coming in for the landing!!! It was really smooth!
       Jake is very happy!!!!!
We went home, made homemade pizza - that was soooooooo delicious!!! And watched a movie. It was the perfect end to a perfect Valentine's Day!!! 

Also for Valentine's Day Jake's parents gave us these. There are suppose to be 8...but I got a little hungry on the way home :D They are very yummy!

My parents sent this cute card to Mary. The picture didn't turn out well, but it was still fun!

Other news....

I took Mary to the doctor the other day because of this redness that you can see on her face. They said she has eczema...yuck! So now we put lotion on her twice a day and around her mouth all the time. Poor girl!

It's getting much better, thank goodness. We put a humidifier in her room to hopefully help with it too. 

As you can see it hasn't slowed her down much. She still happy and fun!


Rachel Kirkaldie said...

You're so sneaky! Of course I already knew that, being your former roommate. What a wonderful valentine you are!

The McClellan Clan said...

Jake should become a pilot and then you and I can be traveling buddies! Jeni