Monday, August 13, 2012

Pike's Peak!

We went to Pike's Peak this last weekend as a family. It was really fun. Mary was great during the whole drive and we just had a good time enjoying each other.

We stopped at a picnic area about half way up the mountain the eat lunch. Mary was very happy to get out of the car and run around. She got in the dirt and had a great time! Jake is taking her over to play on some rocks. He loves his little girl!!!

Part of the road had a lot of twists and turns and didn't have rails. Here Jake is very concentrated on driving...which we appreciated. The next few pictures are just some amazing views from the drive.

That lake you can see on the right was at about mile marker 3 or 4 up the mountain.

Almost there!!!

Here we just hit around 12,000 ft. All the trees have stopped growing.

Here is a view from the top! We made it!!!
Sooooooo far down!!!

They are so darn cute together!!! It was a little cold up at the top about 55 degrees and windy!!

So at the top they have these world famous donuts because it's so hard to cook at 14,000 feet. Well, I LOVE donuts so we decided to go and try them. I was a bit disappointed. First they were ridiculously expensive for what you got. Then there was plain, plain with chocolate or plain with white fudge. The ones that weren't plain were $2, not going to happen! So we got the plain ones and they weren't that good. But at least we can say we got some!

Mary REALLY liked her donut!

Anyone else go on an adventure this week??

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