Friday, August 10, 2012

Belleview Park

Heather and Isaac invited Mary and I out to Belleview Park for a day of fun! This park has a lot of fun stuff to do! This picture is on the train ride. I love that face of Isaac's! Can you see Mary's red face? She gets hot so fast!

They have a petting zoo where you can milk this fake cow. It's pretty cool. Isaac was trying to teach Mary how to do it, but she just wanted to sit on the stool.

Here is the backside of my sister Heather - I'm sure she's going to love that - and Isaac petting a goat. Mary would have NOTHING to do with the goats and animals. All she wanted to do is watch the ducks and say "quack, quack, quack." She's a very good quacker!!!

She loved the stream where you can go wading in. She didn't want to get out. I do have to say it's pretty nasty with all the kids and dogs in it. But it was fun. 

Here we are about to leave. Mary was helping Isaac with his shoes...she's so sweet. You can't tell but right before we got out of the water she fell in so her front is all wet and she smelled! 

Thanks Heather and Isaac for the super fun day!!!!!!!!!!!


A few weeks ago we got these chair pillow things. (I'm not sure what to call them.) And Mary has decided that they are hers. If we are sitting in them she will coming push, pull, yank, or attack us out of them. And then she will laugh when she has won a pillow. She's such a stinker, but really funny!!!

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Nicole said...

I can't believe how much she's grown up even since May! I think those pillows are called boyfriend pillows... we have one and Pays loves it!