Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laughing and Learning...

So, I'm going to start out this blog with my new table runner...I LOVE IT!!! I got it for $5 at a store and I love the colors and everything. I'm going back to the store on Saturday to see if there are any more fun finds for me!!! Whoo-hoo! Okay...now back to our regularly scheduled blog...

Mary has had her really funny moments this week. This particular day she was hyper, happy and funny for about an hour. She was climbing all over me and the couch just laughing and playing. It was really fun!!! This was the day after we got back from Bear Lake. I think she was glad to be home.

I love that smile! (And yes, she's wearing a diaper)

Once again she has found a new big person chair that she wants to take over. Jake has taught her how to climb into the dining room chairs...I'm not overly excited about that.

Mary and I got out the roll of paper and decided to color together. It was really fun. Mary did a pretty good job. She was really excited about the crayons. She kept putting them in the box and taking them out and doing it all over again.

Here is some of our artwork. She's a regular Picasso! 

Just playing in her room. Isn't that a gorgeous crib!!!! (and a gorgeous girl of course!)

She loves to see herself in the camera and smile!

Some of the things Mary is doing now:
- She says "uh-oh" when she drops something. It's really cute!
- She signs "please" when she wants something
- She signs "milk" usually when she's thirsty, but also when she wants something
- She signed "help" twice yesterday! Whoo-hoo!!!! I was so excited!
- She has gotten her first molar this week. She's been a little grumpy, but really not that bad!
- We have learned she loves Tuna. She keep eating it by the spoonful! 
- Today she fed herself almost all of her oatmeal all by herself, scooping it up and everything! It made a mess, but it's fun to watch her grow and learn!!! I love it!
- She will mimic anything she can. She is so much fun to be around! I love being her mom.

For Father's Day Jake didn't get anything very exciting (except the nice golf shirt from his parents, he was so excited about that). We had bought a bbq early this summer and that was his Father's Day gift. But I did get him bbq utensils, which he was happy about - no more singed hairs. And I got him a homemade popcorn bowl (it was really pathetic, but it works), a bbq book, and the book of "Politically Correct Bedtime Stories". He's only read part of one, but thinks it's funny. 

Well that is all from the Beckstead's! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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