Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Barton Family Reunion

We were lucky enough to go to Bear Lake for a family reunion this past week. Jake's Mom's family got together and had a great time!!! The picture above is Jake testing the temperature of the water...FREEZING!!! But I've heard that it always is. See the tree in the lake off to the side?? Yeah, the water was REALLY high. 

Mary wanted to explore, she did not want to be held.

Grandpa was trying to play with her and Mary was being a stinker, she wouldn't have anything to do with him.

She had so much fun playing and exploring the whole trip! She loved playing with her cousins and finding new toys.

Just chillin by the lake. She loves sitting in big people chairs now. She thinks she's so grown up!

We went shooting while we were there. It was really fun!!! Jake, Ryan, Grandpa, Uncle Bruce and Benji all brought guns to shoot. I had a lot of fun shooting! Grandpa's guns were really fun to shoot.

Jake and his cousin Ryan both have ARs (aka their babies) and were nice enough to let everyone who wanted to shoot them. They are really fun guns to shoot.

Even Grandpa shot it.     

Mary LOVES the park! She has learned to go down slides all by herself and she thinks it's the greatest thing in the world. She could stay there all day! It was really cold this day that we went out to the park, but she didn't care. She wanted to stay all night!!!

Grandma and Grandpa brought a keyboard to the Lodge. When Jared set it up Mary quickly took over and wouldn't let anyone play it unless she was on their lap.

Making faces on the way home.

Mary has learned to love sunglasses. She's such a goof!

On the way home we had to go through the High Park fire. They detoured us and everything. It was kind of crazy. 

Here we go into the smoke. 

See the red sun???

We had such a great time at the reunion. The Laketown Lodge where we stayed was AWESOME!!! It was huge and sooooo nice! It was the perfect place for a family reunion! Benji (Jake's cousin) and his friends did a great job redoing it. If you want to see pictures check it out at it's really cool! We had so much to do at the reunion. We played yard games, went to the lake, played pool and pingpong, watched movies in the media room, played games, ate and ate and ate (the food was so yummy!), and just hung out. It was great for me to get to know more of Jake's family. They were all so nice! I could definitely hangout with them again! And Mary has 2 cousins just her age. I don't know why I didn't get pictures of all of them together, but I didn' time I will though! 

Thanks to all the family that made the reunion fun and memorable! We had a blast!!!

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