Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things Mary is learning!

So this last week has been fun. Mary is growing so fast! At her 4 month check-up she was 14 lbs and 24 inches long. She has gone from the 80-90th percentile and is now in the 50-60th percentile. According to the world she is now average, but of course to us she is more than average (ha ha! sorry had to be cheesy there, it was too easy not to.) This last week Jake was in Oklahoma City on business, he has decided it really is not one of his favorite places. (My father grew up there and doesn't like it either.) While he was gone I did some little projects around the house. I finally put my chess sets up for decoration in the loft area and put some pictures up in our room. Here are some pictures of it. Nothing special, but it makes it feel more like home.

This bookshelf is in our bedroom. The top picture is "The Living Christ" with small pictures of Christ as the matting. My mom was going to D.I. so I stole it. 

These are the chess sets in the loft area. I have four small sets from Mexico and Ukraine. I don't play chess much anymore, but I do like collecting them.

Mary this week has started to learn all kinds of things. We have been working on her learning how to sit-up. Here she is in her Bumbo. She only likes it for about 10 minutes and then wants out! We've decided that she is a bit claustrophobic (like her mom) because she will start getting really upset and frustrated if she can't move. Jake sometimes will hold her arm down just to watch her - I think it's mean and make him stop!

She also started real food this weekend. Well, if you consider rice cereal real food. Jake has been very excited to feed her.

She definitely likes eating real food. If we don't feed her hast enough she'll lunge for the spoon and gets mad at us when we are too slow at giving her another bite. She's so funny!!!

Another talent Mary is working on is playing the drums. She was getting fussy so Jake decided to play the drums with her. She liked it...or really she probably didn't know what to think of it.

This is my favorite drum picture! She's not sure what to do!

Mary is growing up so fast!!! I miss my little infant that would just lay on me and sleep. But Mary rolling everywhere and talking and playing is fun too! We love our little girl so much!!!

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allie. said...

we made those Jesus matted frames at an enrichment night once. i have NO idea what happened to mine!