Friday, July 8, 2011


So my mother and father came down to Colorado to visit a little bit ago and while they were here they helped us move into the house. Dad was so great with fixing things and and stuff and Mom helped a lot with decorating. Here are some things that she did while she was here. She's so great at decorating, it helps so much because I had no idea what I was/am doing.

This is on the half wall in between the living room and kitchen.

This is, obviously in the kitchen. Mom just used random stuff from our travels to decorate. Paris, Mexico, and Ukraine are all shown.

This is in the living room. Mom made the statue, she's so good!

And of course what blog would be complete without a picture of Mary! Now that she is a rolling machine she has learned that she likes to sleep on her side. I rarely find her any other way now. Also, when we go to get her she is usually sideways in the crib, kicking the side of it. She loves to sleep with her hands together - I think it looks like she is praying. She so sweet! We love our little girl!


Rob French said...

Great job Rachel! Thanks for the updates.

allie. said...

i don't know what it is, but at that age, hayden always had his hands clasped together too! and they were usually in his mouth at the same time.