Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun week!

Okay ready for another blog? So this week was a great week!!! To start off with - a Mary update! Mary has finally found her feet. She uses them to grab things and will grab them herself to play with. It's very cute!

She is also getting close to crawling! This is her favorite pose these days. She's either up on her hands or on her knees. She hasn't figured out how to do them together yet - which I'm happy about right now! She does just fine with scooting and rolling all over the play.
She has also been working on sitting up. She is doing great at it! She'll sit up for about 5-10 seconds at a time. In her bath last night she went from a reclined position to sitting up all by herself. It was fun to see. Her face in this picture is priceless. In case you're wondering she's about to fall over and I think she knows it - ha ha ha!
She is also working on learning how to drink and eat. She loves to eat and LOVES to drink out of cups and sippy cups. It's very fun to watch her try to learn.

During bath time she absolutely loves to hold and try to drink out of this cup. She's getting pretty good at it.

This week Mary and I went to the park with Heather (my sister) and her boys. It was a lot of fun. As you can see Mary loves her cousins. Isaac and Mary are best buds. He always comes over to say hello to Mary. It's very sweet! I love having them around, it's like Mary has 4 older brothers! It's great!!!

Here is Jared and Liam (he's a little cut off) are playing in the water at the park. They would put a yogurt cup in and watch it spin in the water. It was cool to watch!

We can't to do a blog without some sort of musical something in it...ha ha ha! Mary loves to hear music and Jake is always happy to share his musical talents with Mary. She'll just sit there and listen to him play for quite a while. It's very sweet.  

On an exciting note (no pun intended) we got a piano this week!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! It's so exciting to have piano music in the house. The piano itself needs some work - just minor touch-ups here and there. And it needs to be tuned, but it's here and we love having it. 

Last night I wanted Mary to try and wait to be fed for about 30 minutes so I could feed her and put her to bed. So Jake took her and put her on his lap while he played the piano. After a few minutes he looked down and she had fallen asleep on him while he was playing. It was sooo sweet!!! I love my family!!!

This week has been a lot of fun! There is always something new when there is a little baby around!


allie. said...

I can't believe Mary is sitting up and drinking from sippies! So cute! Hayden is nowhere close to doing that yet. They say boys are a little slower in the development area...it's totally true! He is SOOO unbalanced! Ha ha.

I love your piano and am jealous that you can play it already! Ours needs a serious tuning job and it didn't come with a bench :(. I think Paul wants to build one. We'll see.

Well....I've written too much. Sorry!

Nicole Thurgood said...

I love the last pic of Mary and Jake! What a daddy's girl. :)

allie. said...

Just saw the quilt so I thought I'd comment, ha ha. Hayden's quilt is at the same stage. I'm either going to look into using a darning foot on it and buying some bias tape and binding the layers together that way.

Here's an article about different ways to quilt: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/machine-quilting-tips-and-tricks.html

Good luck :)

RBeckstead said...


Rachel Kirkaldie said...

Your daughter is so adorable! It's so hard for me to picture you as a mother, but it sounds like you're enjoying it and from the looks of your beautiful baby you're doing a great job!