Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun with our girl!

So this week has been interesting. We've had a couple physical problems - Jake hurt his back and I got sick, but Mary's been great! Mary roles over all the time. We have to watch her closely now where ever she is. It's so much fun watching her grow. She is getting a lot more interactive and expressive. It has been fun to watch her be intrigued by music. She'll be crying or fussing and Jake will start playing the piano, guitar or will start singing and she'll calm down and stare at what's going on. Here is a picture of her enjoying some piano music. (We are buying a piano in a week and a half. We're so excited to have a piano in the house!!!)

It may be hard to see, but if you look closely you can see that she's holding on to Jake's thumbs. It's very sweet! She loves it when he plays.
Jake is gone in Oklahoma for a couple days :( He is doing some work out there for Bailey's Moving and Storage. A couple days ago he was getting Mary ready for bed....or so I thought. This is what I walked into.

She kept laughing at him kissing her tummy. Then he would look up and she would touch his face. I think she think his stubble feels weird. I love how her feet are up on his shoulders. As her Uncle Kaden says, "She's a little monkey!"
Every time I lay her on the ground, on her back to play I turn around for a second and she has already rolled to her stomach. It's very fun - except when she spits up all over the floor. If any one has been around her or seen pictures of her they know she is always holding her hands together and when she is on her stomach it is no exception.
She almost looks like she's praying.

I thought her smiles were super cute. Got to love the toothless smiles!
We love Mary so much! She is such a happy fun baby! I have a feeling that when she learns to crawl she is going to go crazy! I think I will lose her a lot, ha ha!


~Courtney~ said...

Looks like your getting better at this blogging thing! Mary is so cute! I love seeing those pictures! I have a feeling that I will lose Rosalee a lot once she learns to crawl too! She is so active...and cute! I can already get smiles from her and not just because she needs to pass gas! :) Glad all is well and hope Jake's back starts feeling better! It's hard enough when one parent is sick but it is even harder when both parents don't feel Best of luck with those times! :)

Jenn said...

So cute how she holds her own hands. Hope you feel better! :)

allie. said...

awwwwe i love playing piano with babies! that's exactly what i used to do to calm down my nephews when they were little. i LOVE that mary loves music. YAY Jake! ha ha.