Tuesday, August 27, 2013


May was a pretty normal month for us, which was nice. The weather was beautiful and we had some good times!

One of the highlights of May was Jake's brother, Kaden, graduated from high school! YAY! That was fun celebrating that. Jake's grandparents came down to celebrate with the family. While they were here we took a little day trip to Pike National Forest. Jake LOVES going down there in the Jeep!!! We had a great time.

Mary doesn't look like she liked being on top of the Jeep and she didn't. She wanted to be up there until she was actually up there.

It's so pretty out there! I wish we lived closer!!!

Mary's being a stinker with pictures...I have no idea where she got that!

Grandpa had a great time!

We found a merry-go-round on our way home and had to introduce Mary to it.

In other events this month Mary and I went to the mall and she had a great time, obviously.

Picnic time in the backyard with Daddy.

The library had this set-up for the free book they were giving away this summer. It was really cute and Mary didn't want to leave.

Due to Mary's new love of snakes we made her this giant snake one morning. It was really fun and she was really excited.

Zoo again...and again she wouldn't look at me or smile for the photo.

Mary sometimes likes it when I do her hair. She calls it her princess hair. She won't let me do her hair unless I say I'll make her look like a princess, it's pretty funny.

Mary loves to shop, she did not get this from my side of the family. I blame this on Mom Beckstead :). Mary gets excited every time I tell her we're going to go shopping.

Mary's new found love this month is ice cream or frozen yogurt. We went out one day and got some and she loves it! I new she was my daughter! We had a good time together!

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