Thursday, August 29, 2013

JULY!!! Almost done!!!

July was a really fun month for us as well!!! Not nearly as many pictures though, so no worries!

Mary started out July with tripping and hitting the couch. Nice bump, huh? It was huge! Poor girl really struggles with staying on her feet.

One day when we were playing outside she came and gave me a flower or the closest thing to a flower in our backyard. It was pretty sweet of her. She's never given me a flower before.

These were the only fireworks we got to do or see on July 4th, but Mary had a blast with them. She kept begging for more.

Then it was road trip time!!! She loves Lion and Sheep! She takes them everywhere! She did AWESOME on the road trip! She's so great!

We stayed with Jake's grandparents the first night. Mary had a good time with them. It's fun to watch them interact.

I wish this picture turned out better!

After the trip to the grandparents Mary and I went down to my parent's house. Jake had to work in Salt Lake City to he stayed with his grandparents. We went out to the pizza factory. Mary thought the breadsticks were pretty cool.

My mom has the monkey that is one that you'd see sometimes with old fashioned organ grinders. It plays music and hits the symbols together and when you hit it's hat to makes monkey noises at you. Mary thought he was pretty funny! We had to hide it from her at one point.

My sister's kids came over and played for some of the time. Mary LOVES her cousins! She had a great time with them!

She learned the joys of a slip 'n slide. I happened to find one at Walmart for $3 and bought it. Mary, unfortunately saw it and now wants me to put it out everyday!

Love that smile!!!

She might not look happy, but she was having a good time snuggling with Dad and her cousin.

On the road trip home we stopped at this old railroad area. Mary loves trains and was in heaven. She would tell us the names of all the trains...Thomas, Percy, Gordon, etc.

I finally bought her a bike. She's not great with it, but she's learning. $3 at a garage sale, not bad!

One of Mary's friends has some awesome toys and one of her favorites is this Jeep. She loves Jeeps anyway, thanks to her dad, but this one is her size. She thinks it's amazing! It's pretty fun to watch these two ride around in it. I have visions of what dates are going to look like........

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