Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pool Party!

Jake and I have been debating about getting Mary a little pool for the backyard to play with. I have been wanting to get one and Jake hasn't (he doesn't think we'd use it enough). So I found this tiny pool for $5 and thought it was a good compromise. 

At first Mary didn't know what to do with it. She just looked at it and walked around it. I started playing with the measuring cup and that was quickly taken from me so she could play with it.

Then she started trying to drink out of it so all the clothes came off and I switched her shoes to her sandals (you can't see them in this picture). Then I thought - that diaper is going to get really full of water as she spills down her front, so....

 Off came the diaper. By this time Jake had come home from work and thought Mary was being funny. So he dumped water on her head - mind you it was FREEZING hose water. Mary froze for a second and then started laughing. She then no longer wanted to drink the water she kept trying to pour it on her head. Then Jake set her in the water and she didn't know what to think about that, but she liked it after a while. It was really fun to watch her play! She DID NOT want to go in.

And just in case you thought you'd dive into a 30" wide 8" deep pool here is your warning not to...nuts!

The other day Jake got some wax for the car and started working on it. Mary kept begging us to play in the car. So we let Mary hangout while Jake worked. She was very interested in what he was doing. She's so funny.

 Daddy's girl!!! She loves to snuggle with her Daddy. It's very sweet to see her give him loves.

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Tricia said...

Yay! Mary is learning to love water!! I think that just letting her play and experiment is all it takes. Playing in water is naturally fun!

That girl needs a swimsuit!