Monday, July 9, 2012

Northwestern Girl

So, we have decided that Mary got my Northwestern gene. She LOVES the rain. We opened the back door and she was ready to run out in it. I held her in it and thought that would be enough. Nope. As soon as I took her back inside she screamed! It was kind of funny. So we put shoes on her and let her out. I thought she would be out there for about 5 minutes, but 15-20 minutes later she still didn't want to come in. We finally had to grab her and put her to bed, but she was having a great time getting soaked. Here are some of the great pictures. I hope the video works, if not it was Jake running across the yard with Mary on his shoulders. Yeah, she convinced us all to go out and play with her in the rain :D 

She's just a little soaked...ha ha ha!

So sweet! She was getting tired, but still wanted to play. I love my family!!!

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