Monday, November 17, 2008

I am currently living in the basement of my dear Gma's house with my cousin, Jenna. For some reason my Gma agreed to let us take down some old wallpaper and paint it whatever color we wanted. So, here are some great pictures from the paint job. The color looks baby blue in the picture, but it's really darker and looks better - I promise!

As you can see in the last picture the other walls are a bright orange color. Tonight I showed these pictures to my Gma and she is now letting us redo the orange walls as well. It should be very interesting redoing these walls because the walls are made of cinder block. Hopefully, we will be able to figure something out.


Matt & Melissa said...

Hey I didn't know that you had a blog. So the basement goes from ancient wallpaper to baby blue. Hmm, this sounds like what happened to the citrus room...lots of change but still weird. Ha ha.

I'm sure that all of your hard work is an improvement. Is it the same color as in grandma's room?

At least you don't have the shag carpet any more. I remember trying to vacuum it and then realizing that the vibrations from the vacuum were actually just causing the dirt and crud to rize up to the surface.

See you in a few weeks.

Shayla said...

wow roach, I see you post often. :)