Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daddy Daughter Time!

Mary loves to spend time with her Daddy (most of the time)...

The other day she woke up wanting pancakes. So I said I'd make her some, but she said "No! Daddy make pancake!" Well then, okay by me! Jake tried to persuade her to have me do it, but that was a no go. She wanted her Daddy to make her pancakes and would not have it any other way. It was really funny!

She had to watch him every step of the way. Quite the overseer we have around here! Good thing she doesn't have a whip!

Jake said she couldn't make pancakes, but really they are super easy and he did a great job!

Mary approved!!!

During General Conference Mary got Jake to make us some popcorn. She LOVES watching him make popcorn. She thinks it's so fun! And then super fun to eat!

So we have been trying to make the TV area look nicer so we got this TV stand for all the components that we have. When Jake got home he started moving the components in, but he had a hard time seeing behind the receiver so I got him a couple flashlights. Mary thought she would be helpful and hold one of the flashlights for Daddy. She stayed there for about 10 minutes (on and off) helping Jake. It was super cute and Jake said that it was helpful!

I love how she likes to help Daddy!!!

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