Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas from CO to UT and back!

Christmas time this year was a blast! We started out by going to the Beckstead's and opening presents there. Mary was given Elmo and Cookie Monster (her favorites!) from Uncle Kaden and Uncle Jared. They are still her favorite stuffed animals!

Mary had a great time opening presents. The book on the right is about potty training - awesome timing!

Jake got a new golf club. He was (and is) SOOOOO excited! I haven't seen that big of a smile on his face in a long time!!! He LOVES it! We received some great gifts from the Becksteads! I got an awesome jacket that I LOVE!!! I haven't had a real jacket since high school (I think).

On our way to Utah to visit my family. Mary has her favorite stuffed animals - Cookie, Elmo and Lizzy.

This snow globe would play music and the bottom of it moved. Mary was transfixed the whole time. She would beg for us to play it.

These little people played christmas music with bells. Mary LOVED them. 

Mary loves rocking chairs. She looked so cute. I got Mary a remote control car for Christmas. She had a great time chasing it while Jake controlled it.

This isn't the greatest picture of the rocking horse my parents made for Mary, but it's beautiful and she loves it! She rides it everyday still.

Here is the gingerbread house my mom made this year. She's great! Pictures of the inside follow...

Mary loved going in and looking at it. She thought it was cool!

We went and visited Jake's Grandparents and Mary had a great time!!! (Sorry Grandpa, not sure why I only got pictures of Grandma!) I love the wig! It cracks me up!!

Jake and I got to go snowboarding with Sam, Jeff and Emily - my niece and nephews. It was so much fun!!!

Mary has found a love for harmonicas, just like her Daddy. She thinks they are so fun!

We went to a store named Shields in Utah. It's an awesome sporting, clothing and just plan fun store. It had a fish tank (Mary's favorite), farris wheel and other fun stuff. It was really fun to walk around in.

We went to a Jazz game while we were there too. So much fun! Too bad they lost!

This was our attempt at getting a picture with my nieces and nephews...yeah didn't go so well...ha ha ha!

We also went to Temple Square. We got there just in time and Mary got a princess wand. She thought it was so fun!!! She loved all the lights and waving her want around.

She thought my sisters shoes were so fun. She's ready to go out.

Ok, so I finally found some other Christmas pictures so bare with me.

Christmas morning in their new pajamas - Elmo and Jazz.

Here's a better picture of the BEAUTIFUL horse!

Opening presents.

We bundled Mary up to go sledding while we were there.

Although I think she just liked eating the snow.

Here is her first run!

Notice the tongue?

She wanted to play on the toys more than sledding.

She loved bouncing on this ball the whole time we were there!!!

On the way home, I think she was tired!!!


(sorry this was so long, I was a little picture happy!)


Rachel K said...

I was wondering if your mom still made those awesome gingerbread houses. It's beautiful!

Tricia said...

I am glad you posted this. I never got a chance to see her gingerbread house! I makes me miss all you Frenches to see these pictures! Glad you had a great Christmas!