Friday, February 12, 2010

"School Thy Feelings, Oh My Brother"

As I sit here on Friday night with my husband I felt like blogging. This does not come along very often so I decided to take advantage of it...As I was reading one of the talks I am suppose to teach on in a few Sundays I was impressed by the message. It was a General Conference talk by President Monson. The talk was title "School Thy Feelings, Oh My Brother". It was a Priesthood Session talk and it was really good! It was all about controlling our feelings, especially anger. President Monson had a way of putting things that really struck home for me. I tend to get upset over little things and I really shouldn't. In the talk he use some examples that were heart-wrenching. One of the examples started out with a happily married couple and because of an argument ended up with their child getting brain damage and being disabled for the rest of his life. It was such a sad story to me that they made their child have brain damage because of an argument. How devastating! There were other great examples that I won't ruin by telling you them. All I have to say is that it's an amazing talk and everyone should read it or listen to it! One of the funnier parts of reading this talk is I happened to be in a doctors office where I had been waiting for an hour to be seen and then they came out and told me I had to come back. Yeah, if I hadn't just read an article by the Prophet I might have gotten upset, but I felt I couldn't after that. Anyway, there is my ramblings. Have a great day and don't get mad!

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